faizehaakimi - Home Package - Special Rate for Umrah

Baad as Salaam il Jamil, Upon the positive response from tour operators for Umrah-Misr package in the past few months; Faizehaakimi offers special lawazim for groups travelling to and from Umrah with Transit in Cairo.


The special rate for Day-use stay at Faizehaakimi is $50 per adult.

- This offer includes stay at faiz with transportation and niyaz Izan from Aqa Mola TUS.

- Mumineen holding valid Egypt visa can avoid procedural hassle for transit passengers at the airport and save valuable time.

- Mumineen will be allocated rooms as per their requirement at faizehaakimi.

- Ras ul Imam il Husain SA and Ahle Bait AS ziyarat (as time permits) will be done comfortably along with namaz in any one masjid (jame anwar or jame lulua)

- Zuwwar can comfortably get ready for their onward journey to Makkah Mukarramah for umrah. (ehram ghusul and getting ready for manasik)

For Groups that are going for or returning from umrah who do not hold valid Egypt visas and wish to perform ziyarat while staying at a hotel provided by the airline:

The revised lawazim will be 30$ per adult.

This will be effective from 1st of March 2016 ( 23mi Jamadil Ula 1437H) till 4th of June 2016 (29mi Shaban el Karim 1437H)


Previous Umrah-Misr Offer of 70$ per adult per night (Minimum group size of 6 adults and minimum stay of 4 Nights) remains effective unchanged. Faiz e Haakimi suggests our valuable tour operators to consider taking Egypt visas and staying at faiz.